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As Steve and I talk with people from all over Minnesota we always hear such wonderful stories about how Bridgeman’s was a part of their growing up. We have posted our story and we’d love to hear your story. Email your story and send  pictures if you can. We’ll post them on the website with your permission.

Our story is that I was a waitress and Steve was a manager at a different store but he lived near the Brooklyn Center Bridgeman’s. He would come in after work or on his day off and get dinner. He always sat at the counter and ordered a cheeseburger medium rare with chopped raw onions and coffee with cream. I was always a little afraid of him since he was a manager at a different store. When the Brookdale store was scheduled to open he was the general manager. He asked if I’d be on his training staff. I was a little surprised because I didn’t even think he liked me all that much as a waitress. I was honored of course and soon we were working close together and became friends. After a while, he was transferred to a different location and we started dating. Twenty-eight years later, we are happily married and have many fond memories of our times at Bridgeman’s. In fact, many of our friends are from the Brooklyn Center Bridgeman's.

Kathryn Lampi

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