We are in a Rochester Hy Vee! (Crossroads Location) Intro Photo

Dec 05

We are in a Rochester Hy Vee! (Crossroads Location)

We want to send a shout out to the Rochester Hy Vee (Crossroads Location)!  We are VERY excited to finally announce you can now purchase Bridgeman's Ice Cream at one of Rochester's Hy Vee's!  The location at 500 Crossroads Dr SW is now carrying not only 8 flavors of our premium ice cream but a ton of our Peppermint Krisp holiday flavor!  The flavors currently stocked include Cherry Nut, Butter Brittle, Chocolate, Peppermint Bon Bon, Raspberry Fudge Torte, Caramelicious, Salted Caramel Espresso and Vanilla. We are very excited to expand on our availability to our fans. You can follow this location on FB by clicking here.  Welcome to the Bridgeman's Ice Cream family!  

Hy Vee (Rochester- Crossroads)

500 Crossroads Dr SW

Rochester, Minnesota
Bridgeman's Ice Cream flavors at Rochester Hy Vee
Bridgeman's Peppermint Krisp at Rochester Hy Vee