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2017 Minnesota State Fair! Intro Photo

Aug 15

2017 Minnesota State Fair!

         We can't believe August is already here and we are talking about the Minnesota State Fair!  While the food gets a little more quirky and crazy each year at the fair we have decided to do the opposit and stay true to our roots.  Instead of coming up with the most unique ice cream flavors and treats we have been working on bringing back old classics our fans have been missing.  Last year we brought back the famous La La Palooza Sundae served up in a souvenir goblet.  We are proud to say that mammoth sundae will still be on our menu in 2017.  

        Every year we have customers coming up to tell us heartwarming and fun stories about growing up on Bridgeman's and we are often asked about bringing back our Marble this year we are starting to do just that!  We have brought back a classic previously known as the Toasted Pecan Marble Sundae.  We have enhanced the treat by making it with local Anderson's Maple Syrup and renamed it our Maple Pecan Marble Sundae!  This year we will be serving this classic treat with 3 layers of vanilla ice cream, toasted pecans, Anderson's Maple Syrup and whip cream topped with a cherry.  We will be located in the same spot as we have been the last few years on the corner of Judson and Liggett across from the Coliseum.  Click here to see us on the map

Here is a complete list of the menu we will have this year.  We can't wait to see you at the fair!

Bridgeman's Ice Cream Menu at the 2017 MN State Fair