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SNEAK PEAK at our new look! Intro Photo

Oct 12

SNEAK PEAK at our new look!

We are so excited to let you in on our "Little" secret!  Back in March, we started seriously discussing the idea of wanting a new package for our 48oz retail containers.  We had a few logistical issues with our current tubs and thought our look was a bit dated.  After doing some research and interviewing a few different branding agencies, we decided to hire Little, Co in April.  We talked about what we would love to accomplish with the new packaging and were immediately faced with a tough decision- were willing to change our logo and color scheme?  Our initial reaction was one of hesitation.  We wanted to make sure our brand was recognizable and still represented who we have been for the last 80+ years.  However, it didn't take long for us to realize we didn't feel like the look we were portraying matched the quality of the product we sold.  So, we made a brave leap of faith and quickly went from just designing a new package to re-branding Bridgeman's Ice Cream!  We feel this new look will update our image and help us reach our ultimate goal of bringing Bridgeman's back to being a leader in the local ice cream industry. 

The process was long, rigorous yet quite fun.  We packed up our van and drove to Minneapolis with a box of every newspaper clipping, ad, floppy disk, sign/banner and artifact we could find to help Little get a feeling for who we were.  We participated in exercises, researched the market and our competitors and shared in many passionate discussions about who we were and who we wanted to be.  We talked about our past, present and future.  After months of some sweat, blood and tears we were finally able to start seeing some of our hard work come to fruition.  We couldn't wait as we walked into Little's office this summer to see a handful of new looks for us to consider.  We saw the first look they presented and fell in love.  We thought no way could they show us anything better...yet each option put up on their screen was wonderful.  We took our 'look book' home and showed some close family and friends to get their thoughts and ideas.  At the end of the day, we realized our hearts were with the very first design they showed us.  Now seriously, you guys...these people working at Little, co. are AMAZING!  They were able to take all of our ideas and make what was old new again!  The font has been tweaked a little but is an amazing throw back to some of Bridgeman's glory days years and years ago.  Yet, we felt the image was fresh and represented our extra-quality ice cream well. 

For the last 3 months, we have been working out details and getting really excited to share our new look with those who matters the most- YOU, our loyal fans!  We are still working hard on finalizing details with all the struggles that come along with getting new packaging (production, updating labels/nutritional information, getting sizes/colors just right and putting together a plan to stock this new inventory).  It will be a few more months (we are hoping late winter/early spring) before you start seeing our new package on the shelves at your favorite market.  However, between now and then we will be updating our website, social media accounts and advertising materials so you will know what you are looking for when you go to pick up your favorite flavor of Bridgeman's Ice Cream!  Sooooo....drum roll it is! 

Bridgeman's Ice Cream- New Tub Reveal!


This is a rough draft of what we are working on and is not an actual printed tub quite yet.  Some of the lines/dots you see are for us working out details.  One of the elements we love is the idea of having a different color stripe for each flavor!  The blue you see will be our traditional look, but each flavor will be represented a little differently. We will have a few more looks, ideas and logos to share over the coming weeks but are very excited about this new chapter in Bridgeman's history. We can't wait to hear what you all think!

If you want to visit Little's website to read about some of the amazing people we have been working with and their great work click here!