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Bridgeman's and Fishing Trips

Feb 12

Bridgeman's and Fishing Trips

From 1973 through 1996, my father and I would drive to Cohasset from South Bend Indiana, to
fish at the Northern Holiday Resort on the Mississippi River. At some time during our week at
the resort, owned by Zeke and Lucy Annis, we would drive into Grand Rapids for ice cream at
Bridgeman’s. In 1967, when I was 17 years old, a family friend and his two sons traveled with
me and my father for a week of fishing. On one of the nights, we three young guys, aged 15 to
19, drove from our cabin to Bridgman’s with plans to each eat a Lollapalooza. Well on my older
friend ordered the Lollapalooza, but his younger brother and myself ordered the Lollapalooza
Junior (for cowards), as the menu stated. If I remember correctly, our waitress gave each of
us a “I ate a Bridgeman Lollapalooza” pin, much to the chagrin of our oldest companion. I have
great memories for our fishing trips to Minnesota and it is good to share one of them with your

Brian Miller
South Bend, Indiana

Submitted: 2/16/15