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Fond Memories

Feb 12

Fond Memories

Bridgeman's holds a special place in my heart. As with many other people, it has occupied many fine memories
of my childhood. Back in the 60's when getting ice cream was special. Bridgeman's in Richfield was our store,
I recall when the annual truck sales would allow Mom and Dad to afford to fill the freezer with a few gallons of
goodness. I remember after high school football games. Literally hundreds of people would walk to
Bridgeman's for cones. As an adult, I worked in nearly every single Bridgeman's in the state. I think Duluth
had about a dozen alone. My company did service cleaning the hoods and kitchen exhaust systems. That started
for me, 35 years ago and we still service the Embers/ Bridgeman's in Minneapolis to this day. Not sure what the
romance was about Bridgeman's but I truly loved those stores. Thanks for continuing to keep the memories alive.

Wishing you the best of luck, and don't give up the quest!

Michael D. Gronlund

Submitted 3/16/15