Parlor Build Out Update Intro Photo

May 18

Parlor Build Out Update

Things are finally moving forward! It took almost 8 weeks to get all of our permits in order. Things had slowed down due to Covid-19 and we were not immune to its effects. We officially have workers in the Parlor almost every day and things will move quickly now. The bulk of our plumbing is done (this was a HUGE project). Electrical work and framing is being done now. We are excited for tomorrow because our large walk in freezer is scheduled to be delivered. This has been a big item we were waiting on. Once it is in, walls and floors will go in. We are excited to see the look start to come together. 

Today we ordered our dipping cabinets! We will be able to scoop 24 flavors of our ice cream out front and plan to have the rest in the back. Now that we are to the point of ordering equipment and finishes it is starting to feel real! 

Our heads are still spinning from trying navigate opening a business during a pandemic but WE WILL GET THERE! We cannot wait to serve you. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to opening. We will be sure to post on social media first so be sure to follow us! If you are still interested in purchasing discounted gift cards for when we open, click here

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Bridgeman's Ice Cream Parlor will scoop 24 flavors!