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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Common Hope! Intro Photo

Sep 22

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Common Hope!

Let's help support Common Hope! Sponsor a student in Guatemala and get a FREE sundae! 

More than 80 years after our start, Bridgeman’s Ice Cream is family owned and still deeply committed to our amazing local community––and our global community. We know that as global citizens, together we can make a positive and lasting impact.

To read our complete story about choosing to open our parlor and become a social impact business, click here. 

More than 50% of the population in Guatemala lives in poverty and the high school graduation rate is less than 20%. Often, parents have to choose between sending a child to school or to work to earn an income. That’s why Bridgeman’s proudly partners with Common Hope, a local nonprofit that is fighting poverty with diplomas in Guatemala. Like us, Common Hope believes that, “where there is education, there is a way forward.” For 35 years, Common Hope has partnered with families in Guatemala to remove barriers to education so kids can learn, dream, grow, thrive, and get their diploma. Their programs work––Common Hope students are graduating at three-to-four times the national average! 

During Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15, Common Hope is celebrating Sponsorpalooza and we want to spread the word about how to BE THE HOPE for students in Guatemala. These students need our support now more than ever as challenges of the pandemic are affecting their ability to stay in school. But we can help them persevere and we can BE THE HOPE! 

Please consider sponsoring a Common Hope student like William! You can meet William and other students on Common Hope’s website and learn more about them and their dreams for the future. For these students, knowing that someone cares about your success and has confidence in you can be a game-changer. Sponsor a Common Hope student and you will receive a coupon for a free sundae to be redeemed at our Woodbury parlor!

Want to learn more or just want to meet the folks from Common Hope? Come by our Woodbury parlor on September 29th from 6:00-8:00pm for a “Common Hope No Worry Wednesday Pop-Up”! Grab your favorite Bridgeman’s ice cream treat and get a Guatemalan worry doll while learning about the Common Hope students! Even better yet, sponsor a student and get a free sundae! Click here to learn more!

Learn more about Common Hope at or follow Common Hope on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter.

Common Hope Sponsorpalooza


William’s bio
Hi, my name is William David. I just turned 7 on September 3. I celebrated with my family and my little sister Darly. I love school, but this year has been different because we have been studying remote, but my mom helps me when she can! My favorite things about my country are the delicious foods and the beautiful typical clothing!