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Gray Duck Sundae Intro Photo

Aug 25

Gray Duck Sundae

Tomorrow is opening day of the 2022 Minnesota State Fair! Bridgeman's Ice Cream has a trailer on the corner of Judson & Liggett. We are excited to be launching our NEW Gray Duck Sundae! Our famous black licorice ice cream is topped with marshmallow cream, crunchy marshmallows, whipped cream and a cherry!

Fun Facts:

1. Our black licorice ice cream is one of our most unique flavors! Our loyal fans seek this flavor out throughout MN.

2. We ship this flavor nationwide on

3. We came up with the name due to the gray color of the ice cream. MInnesota is famous for referring to the game "Duck Duck Gray Duck" whereas the rest of the country calls it "Duck Duck Goose" + Bridgeman's is an iconic MN brand. The perfect combination for unique sundae name!

4. When we bought the company in 2015, we had to temporarily discontinue the flavor due to our supplier discontinuing the candy pieces we used. We received angry emails once a week for 2 years! Licorice Lovers were passionate about us bringing this flavor back as quickly as possible. 

5. We always have Licorice as a secret flavor during our trailer events. While it isn't the most popular flavor, someone always comes up to ask for it!