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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Common Hope! Intro Photo

Sep 21

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Common Hope!

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Common Hope!

 The Bridgeman’s team is in the business of scooping up extra quality ice cream along with a generous topping of doing good. Bridgeman’s has always had a passion for education and this Hispanic Heritage Month, we are partnering with Common Hope to ensure that education thrives.

 During Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15, Common Hope is celebrating Sponsorpalooza by paying tribute to students who will positively impact Guatemala for generations to come! These students are future teachers, nurses, mechanics, farmers, and leaders––and the future is bright because of them.

Students need our support now more than ever as they wrap up a third year of remote and/or hybrid learning. This year was a challenging one–– for younger students who have never stepped foot in a classroom and for older students who may be facing increased pressure to leave school to support their family through tough times.

 How can you help keep kids learning? Sponsor a student! Despite all of life’s challenges, Common Hope students are graduating at three-to-four times the national average!

 Please join us–– help spread the word or support a future leader! Together we can help students in Guatemala strive for a better life through education!

Please consider sponsoring Anabella! You can meet Anabella and other brilliant students on Common Hope’s website and learn more about their lives and dreams for the future! Sponsors help provide motivation and encouragement that guides students on their educational journey. With a diploma, students can end the cycle of generational poverty for their families!

Want to learn more or just want to meet the folks from Common Hope? Come by our Woodbury parlor on September 28th from 5:00-7:00pm for a “Common Hope No Worry Wednesday Pop-Up”! Grab your favorite Bridgeman’s ice cream treat and get a Guatemalan worry doll while learning about Common Hope students! Even better yet, sponsor a student and get a free sundae!

Anyone who mentions Common Hope at checkout on September 28th at Bridgeman’s parlor will get 20% donated to keep kids learning!

Learn more about Common Hope at or follow Common Hope on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter.


Anabella’s Bio

Hello. My name is Anabella. I am 15 years old. This year I am in the 9th grade. I am really excited because next year I will be able to choose a major that I want to study. My brother is studying Marketing and Advertising. There are so many options out there! How can I pick just one?