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The gift that gives forward: Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day! Intro Photo

Apr 25

The gift that gives forward: Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day!

The gift that gives forward: Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day!

The Bridgie Box is back, and the mighty treat is ready to brighten your parent’s day while also giving back to moms and dads in Guatemala!

Help recognize the inspiring, hardworking, and supportive mother and father figures in your life with the Bridgie Box. Although we can never thank them enough for all their hard work, love, and sacrifice, a tasty ice cream treat is always a sweet way to make them feel appreciated.

 This delicious gift honors your parents for all their sacrifices and supports parents working hard to build a better future for their kids—talk about having a full belly and heart!

 The Bridgie Box includes 8 ice cream sandwiches in four fan-favorite flavors:

  • Brownie Caramel Crunch
  • Cookies' N Cream
  • Peppermint Bon Bon
  • Raspberry Fudge Torte

Bridgeman’s will donate $10 for every Bridgie Box sold between May 1-June 30 to Common Hope and your Bridgie Box will contain a special gift from Guatemala. Each order helps provide access to education, health care and housing programs for students and families that enable them to be agents of change in their homes and communities.

Scoop up love with a Bridgie Box today!

Join The Pathway

This community of passionate and determined monthly givers believe we can fight poverty with diplomas by working together. Choose the gift amount that is best for you and transform lives by supporting Guatemalan families' basic needs and keep kids in school. In Guatemala, only 18.6% of students graduate from high school compared to 70% in the United States. Through the partnership with Common Hope, students graduate at 3-4 times the national average!

It is important for us to use our business to do good and support causes that we believe in like education, that is why we support Common Hope. Our support gives families hope and an opportunity for better lives through education.

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