Shakopee Hy Vee Intro Photo

Mar 22

Shakopee Hy Vee

We are very excited to announce that the Shakopee Hy Vee is now carrying Bridgeman's Ice Cream! They currently have 4 flavors stocked (Vanilla, Peppermint Bon Bon, Cherry Nut and Butter Brittle).  We are hoping if it sells well they will choose to carry more flavors in the near future.  Stop by and…

Licorice is making its return! Intro Photo

Mar 22

Licorice is making its return!

As many of you licorice ice cream lovers know, we were forced to discontinue this flavor 2.5 years ago due to our candy supplier no longer carrying the black licorice piece we used.  We spent a few years trying to re-perfect our recipe with a new candy piece...and we finally have it!  We are VERY…

Fond Memories

Feb 12

Fond Memories

Bridgeman's holds a special place in my heart. As with many other people, it has occupied many fine memories
of my childhood. Back in the 60's when getting ice cream was special. Bridgeman's in Richfield was our store,
I recall when the annual truck sales would allow Mom and Dad to afford…

Bridgeman's and Fishing Trips

Feb 12

Bridgeman's and Fishing Trips

From 1973 through 1996, my father and I would drive to Cohasset from South Bend Indiana, to
fish at the Northern Holiday Resort on the Mississippi River. At some time during our week at
the resort, owned by Zeke and Lucy Annis, we would drive into Grand Rapids for ice cream at

Carbone's Pizzeria in Edina - Delivering Bridgeman's Ice Cream! Intro Photo

Dec 07

Carbone's Pizzeria in Edina - Delivering Bridgeman's Ice Cream!

We are officially breaking into the delivery world!  We have been so excited to share this news with our fans.  Carbone's Pizzeria in Edina (located off 50th and France) is now delivering our 48oz tubs with their pizzas!  Our new freezer bags will keep the ice cream cold for up to 2 hours so you don't…

Almsted's Market now carrying Bridgeman's! Intro Photo

Oct 13

Almsted's Market now carrying Bridgeman's!

Attention all ice cream lovers in the Crystal, MN area!  Almsted's Fresh Market is now selling Bridgeman's Ice Cream!  They are carrying 5 of our flavors in our 48oz tubs including Vanilla, Peppermint Bon Bon, Raspberry Fudge Torte, Cherry Nut and Butter Brittle.  They should all be on the shelves…

SNEAK PEAK at our new look! Intro Photo

Oct 12

SNEAK PEAK at our new look!

We are so excited to let you in on our "Little" secret!  Back in March, we started seriously discussing the idea of wanting a new package for our 48oz retail containers.  We had a few logistical issues with our current tubs and thought our look was a bit dated.  After doing some research and interviewing…

2017 Minnesota State Fair! Intro Photo

Aug 15

2017 Minnesota State Fair!

         We can't believe August is already here and we are talking about the Minnesota State Fair!  While the food gets a little more quirky and crazy each year at the fair we have decided to do the opposit and stay true to our roots.  Instead of coming up with the most unique ice cream flavors and…

Maple Pecan Marble Sundae - NEW at the MN State Fair Intro Photo

Jul 18

Maple Pecan Marble Sundae - NEW at the MN State Fair

Many of you have expressed interest in us bringing back our Marble Sundae's to the MN State Fair!  Well, we are excited to announce a new addition to our Minnesota State Fair menu in 2017!  This year we are adding our Maple Pecan Marble Sundae! Savor a marbled and triple layered ice cream treat made…

NEW Brownie Caramel Crunch! Intro Photo

May 19

NEW Brownie Caramel Crunch!

Ice Cream Lovers- Meet Brownie Caramel Crunch

This might be our most premium flavor yet!  Savor our rich chocolate ice cream, fluffy pieces of brownie, chunks of heath bits and a ribbon of caramel.  We worked hard tweaking our recipe to make sure this flavor was the softest and creamiest around!…