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Aug 10

Reminisce Magazine

We love hearing special stories about treasured memories with Bridgeman's Ice Cream.  After having been around for 80 years there are a lot of great ones.  Here is a great story that was featured in Reminsce Magazine.  If you have a story as well we would love to hear it!  You can email your story…

The Best was Yet to Come Intro Photo

Aug 10

The Best was Yet to Come

"My mom and I so enjoyed going to Bridgeman's  on Lake Street in Minneapolis for lunch.  It never  mattered what we had for lunch because we always knew , "the best was yet to come".   A Turtle Sundae!!!   Yummy  creamy vanilla ice cream topped with lots of hot fudge and pecans.  A special treat…

Laughing Over Ice Cream Intro Photo

Aug 10

Laughing Over Ice Cream

"My first memory of eating Bridgeman's Ice Cream was when I was 17 years old.  I was with my best friend  Mary in downtown Minneapolis.  We both ordered  banana splits.  Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, when those great big beautiful dishes of ice cream were delivered to our table, sporting chocolate,…

The Joy of Bridgeman's Intro Photo

Aug 05

The Joy of Bridgeman's

"I have many great memories of Bridgeman's Ice Cream. I spent many summer hours as a younger man in Bridgeman's carts throughout the Twin Cities area serving ice cream at local fairs and festivals. These experiences not only provided me with the opportunity to take part in great events and concerts,…

Blossoming Love at Bridgeman's Intro Photo

Aug 05

Blossoming Love at Bridgeman's

"Bridgeman's ice cream holds a special place in my heart. When my husband and I were dating, we would often end a date with a stop at a local Bridgeman's restaurant . I always had a sundae and he loves hot fudge malts. It was always fun to watch which treat would be put up on the high counter…

Bridgeman's Ice Cream Memories

Aug 03

Bridgeman's Ice Cream Memories

"When I was a kid living in south Mpls, my sisters and I were all involved in music. After any concert etc we would always get a trip to Bridgeman's for our efforts." 

-Scott Roadfeldt