Bridgeman’s Small Gatherings Ice Cream Packages

DIY- Gourmet Sundae Station (Perfect for holiday parties, grooms dinners, showers, anniversary and retirement parties, company luncheons & more!) 

Ever tried to set up your own sundae bar and found yourself with ice cream soup in minutes?  Our DIY Bar will solve all your problems and provide an easy and worry free ice cream station!

This hassle free package allows us to cater your small special event with everything you will need for your guests to serve themselves!  Stop by our Parlor in Woodbury, MN and pick up your complete dessert station with everything you will need to impress your guests. Choose your favorite flavor and we will supply your choice of hot fudge or chocolate, caramel and strawberry sauce along with whip cream, cherries and sprinkles.  Our package also includes an ice cream crock to keep your dessert cold for around 2 hours, scoops, ladles and our glass serveware bowls that are sure to give you a beautiful set up (equipment must be returned within 2 business days after your event).  We even send along all the paper bowls, spoons and napkins (including a holder) your guests will need to enjoy their premium ice cream sundae!  This great package even allows you to keep the convenient freezer bag all the supplies come in!

1 Flavor (Serves up to 40 guests)- $159 + Tax

2 Flavors (Serves up to 80 guests) - $259 + Tax

3 Flavors (Serves up to 120 Guests) - $359 + Tax

 Pick up a Small Gathering Catering Package at Bridgeman's Parlor in Woodbury

Please note: This package comes with all the ice cream, toppings and supplies you will need to set up your own custom sundae bar.  Decorations are not included. Ice cream crock, scoops, serving bowls and napkin holder must be returned after the event.  Our ice cream crocks will keep ice cream frozen for the length of your event (roughly 2 hours when set up indoors) but you will need to have a freezer large enough to store the ice cream between pick up and when your event begins.

Please call us at 763.971.2947 or 800.297.5050 or email us at to learn more or book our catering packages for your event.