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Historical Photos of Bridgeman's

Bridgeman's Ice Cream History

In the Midwest, just the mention of Bridgeman's Ice Cream will stir up sweet memories for many. We hear stories of ice cream sundaes being shared on a first date, the excitement of annual penny sales, and of course, many memories of the original Bridgeman's Ice Cream Shoppes®. 

Back in 1883, in Duluth Minnesota, an enterprising young man named Henry Bridgeman began peddling fresh milk, home to home, from a goat cart. Through hard work, persistence, quality products, and a little luck, his business grew into the largest dairy concern in the Midwest.

In 1936, Henry’s sons, Chester and Roy Bridgeman decided to strike out on their own and opened the original Bridgeman's Ice Cream Shoppe®. Their adventure was met with disbelief. Why would anyone open an ice cream shoppe in Minnesota? What about the Depression?  But with hard work, persistence and of course, Bridgeman’s Ice Cream, they opened not only one, but six Bridgeman Ice Cream Shoppes® in eighteen months.

Since our early days the name Bridgeman’s has been synonymous with premium ice cream, fabulous ice cream treats and great customer service.

Today, Bridgeman’s Ice Cream is still family owned and the traditions of old fashioned hard work and quality ice cream remain the same.  Welcome to our family!

Meet the Team

Meggan Kerkenbush, Owner

Brian Appeldoorn, Owner

Crystal Bakker, Owner

Brock Mueller, Distribution & Events Manager

Elliot Kimmes, Sales & Marketing Manager


After changing hands a few times over the decades, Bridgeman's is proud to still be a family run business!  We purchased the company in 2015 and have worked hard to revive this iconic Minnesota brand. In 2020, we opened an old-fashioned ice cream parlor in Woodbury.  We love working with both traditional customers and our wholesale clients who've chosen to sell Bridgeman's Ice Cream at their business! We are passionate about creating sweet memories for decades to come. 

Contact us at 651-315-8985 or email us at for more information.