Corporate Information

Meggan Kerkenbush, Owner

Brian Appeldoorn, Owner

Crystal Bakker, Owner

Bridgeman's is proud to still be a family run business since 1936!  In 2015, we were approached by family friends (the Lampi family) who had owned Bridgeman's for some time. Steve Lampi had started working for Bridgeman's at the young age of 15 and always said "One day I will own this company." Through perseverance, creative ideas and hard work Steve quickly worked his way up the ladder.  Soon his talents became apparent and he was promoted to supervisor, general manager, district manager and finally to Chief Operating Officer. In 2001, his dream came true and he bought the company. After years of successfully running the company, Steve passed away suddenly in 2011.  In 2015, Steve's wife Kathy approached us when she was ready to step back to spend more time with her family and grandchildren. Being family friends and entrepenuers we were very excited to take on this challenge.  As of July 1, 2015 Brian, Crystal, and their cousin Meggan officially became owners of Bridgeman's, LLC.  We are very excited to continue developing his company in honor of Steve Lampi and to start growing and reviatlizing a product that has been in the hearts of Minnesotans for decades.  Our Director of Operations, Pat Janisch, has worked for Bridgeman's for decades as well and is an important part of our 'Bridgeman's Family'.  We look forward to continue working together for years to come.

Contact us at 651-315-8985 or email us for more information.